Our Process

As a specialist contractor, we understand our place in the ecosystem of your project. When you approach us for a proposal, you are igniting an exciting and unencumbered process that we know will give you the peace of mind needed when undertaking a build of grand proportion.


Your time to share the key details of your commercial project with our experts. During this session we want to know the scope of works, expected time frame, overall aesthetic and functional aims of the build as well as budget and stakeholder information. Bring your plans and documentation.


We will go to the drawing board and consider all briefing information in line with our best stone solutions to suit your project. During this stage we will communicating with your nominated representative to clarify, confirm or query any extra detail to assist with our quote.


Following a comprehensive assessment, consideration and research we will present you with a proposal. In large-scale commercial builds, there will be fixed and variable pricing, depending on the material choice at the time. We are always keen to talk through our proposal with stakeholders to ensure we have answered every question for you.


Be impressed by our fine-tuned construction process. Every aspect of our services will be arranged within the eco-system of the project at large. Our specialist contractors will prove reliability, courtesy and professionalism when working on site.