Baron Forge has received their Engineered Stone License Certificate

Baron Forge has received their Engineered Stone License Certificate

Baron Forge is an award-winning licenced manufacturer and supplier of natural and engineered stone and tile in Melbourne. Having received their Engineered Stone License Certificate, they continue to supply high-quality products in accordance with Australian Standards, ensuring that their customers can rely on their products for quality and reliability.

As an Australian-owned and operated company, Baron Forge adheres to the highest standards of industry and government regulation. Although some local and international suppliers may offer comparatively cost-effective products, they may not come with the same guarantee of excellence, nor may their employees be provided with the same workplace standards with adherence to Work Safe Victoria.

With Engineered Stone License certification, you can be confident that you will be working with a company that places a high value on respiratory protection for all employees, ongoing employee training, hazard control procedures, and ethically sourced stone. They are committed to more than just excellence in their products and services; they care for their employees, clients, and the industry.

Baron Forge has over 37 years of experience, so when selecting premium products and designs for your projects, there is no better choice. They have supplied stone and tile for Crown Casino, the Docklands ANZ Building, and various apartment buildings throughout Australia; it is no surprise that they are in high demand. When selecting an engineered or natural stone product, it is always invaluable to choose a licenced supplier that can ensure that the product you choose meets all of the structural requirements while creating a feature piece on your commercial project.


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