Stone Cladding

An artform that has triumphed throughout the ages, Stone Cladding is our forte at Baron Forge. Always original, our stone cladding solutions for commercial superstructures, small-medium scale designs or residential architecture are guaranteed to breath luxury into any space

Stone cladding creates the impression of grandeur, quality and timeless aesthetic appeal. Mastering the art of stonemasonry is our greatest achievement at Baron Forge. We consider it a privilege to spend each day working with majestic natural stone, purpose built engineered stone and stunning porcelain slabs to create marvellous architecture. We simply love what we do.

Our team of stone cladding experts are knowledgeable, technically skilled, creative, and unequivocally precise during every stage of a project.

Having invested heavily in state-of-the-art technology and machinery, our mighty facility advantages our clients with an extraordinary range of stone cladding products to meet your project’s budget, aesthetic aims and functionality needs.

The most satisfying part for us, is knowing that there is a tangible measure of success at the end of our client-contractor partnership; a bold and beautiful structure that will stand the test of time.

Stone Benchtops & Surfaces

Selecting stone products to enhance your commercial project guarantees a stunning outcome and will add value to your end result. Whether you prefer natural stone materials or premium engineered stone surfaces for your we are equipped to work quickly, precisely and in good faith to manufacture and install first-class benchtops for kitchens, bathrooms, laundries and other rooms requiring a luxury look and feel.

Stone Cladding

Our stone cladding capabilities are simply ‘next level’. Your architectural vision for a breathtaking lobby area, reception space, façade, bespoke stone floor entry and other supreme applications are all achievable as part of our specialty stone cladding services at Baron Forge. We look forward to exceeding your expectations

Porcelain Slab & Ceramic

Timeless, striking, and economical, our porcelain slab and ceramic services turn spaces into dreamscapes quickly and easily. A fabulous alternative to natural stone or engineered stone, porcelain slab cladding, flooring and benchtops can help to perfectly realise your design. From apartment building refurbishments to lobby and entrance areas, create a beautiful and quality statement in your commercial project with porcelain slab material.